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Notice: The Econ Wiki is in a development stage, I will add entries as time permits

The Economics Wiki is an editable repository of information on all things economics. I created the site to aid as a personal study tool, as well as a reference for students I tutor. Students of economics are encouraged to create and edit entries. Entries are organized by discipline; Industrial organization is under Microeconomics etc. In order to edit an entry, please register and read the entry on editing.

How is this different from Wikipedia? Wikipedia popularized the wiki but differs from the Econ Wiki in scope and purpose. Wikipedia is an online encyclopdia. It summarizes popular economic concepts and describes famous economists. It is not intended as a means of teaching economics. It neglects many significant economics concepts and it does not approach the subject in a manner conducive to study. Moreover, its size and purpose discourage community and discourse within the field.

While Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, the Econ Wiki seeks to be a dynamic textbook and reference for students of economics. Ever find an example in an Economics textbook frustrating? The Econ wiki allows you to add your own. While you're at it you can create a page on your favorite economist, maybe one not deemed noteworthy enough for Wikipedia. Post a working paper (without compromising your rights) and get feedback from other students. It's well established that teaching is the best way to learn. The Econ Wiki lets you do both while exchanging ideas with students across the globe.

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